Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation:

Marketing automation allows any business, large or small, to build, automate, measure and streamline marketing tasks and workflows. Ultimately, increasing operational efficiency and ROI. Nine out of ten companies using marketing automation will increase the volume of their leads, the quality of those leads and the conversion of those leads to loyal, paying customers.  

With marketing automation, you can improve how you target your audience. This allows you to serve your customers better, both present and future.  

The combination of content marketing, event triggers, personalised email messages and customer tailored journeys, will help you touch clients at crucial decision points. 

This is marketing on autopilot. 

With marketing automation, you can: 

  • Re-engage prospects and nurture them back into your funnel 
  • Follow up new enquiries to ensure no qualified lead is lost 
  • Automate your referral process 
  • Automate your off boarding messaging to gather quality testimonials like clockwork 
  • Pinpoint and take advantage of upsell/cross-sell opportunities 

Some of our most requested and delivered services include: 

  • Linking HubSpot to Salesforce or similar compatible lookalike software to streamline your marketing workflow 
  • Visual, no-code creation and automation of marketing workflows 
  • Marketing app integration for easy implementation into your existing tech stack 

We can offer:

  • Differentiate new and existing leads, so your messages go to the right person for the right reason 
  • Segment data to ensure relevance 
  • A/B split testing email marketing and landing pages  
  • Deliver gated content to the relevant lead.


Strategy meetings and regular audits are also part of the overall marketing automation strategy. Project36 keeps you in control and up to date every step of the way.