Customising the HubSpot Score function

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Enhancing the use of the HubSpot Score functionality

Now you have a solid understanding of the HubSpot scoring functionality, you can now get creative; Introducing the MES (Marketing Engagement Score) and SES (Sales Engagement Score) - exclusively from Project36:

The MES score

The MES or Marketing Engagement Score is a score based on the interactions your prospects have with marketing specific assets. This could be website page views, blog views, forms, CTAs, social posts and so on. Basically anything that 'Marketing' generated can be scored against under MES.

This score then gives you a clear view on the prospects engameent with marketing activity. A high score here indicates your prospect is highly engaged with your sales efforts and vise-versa.

The SES score

The SES or Sales Engagement Score follows the same principles as the MES score, except it is tracking engagement with sales activities; sales emails, reads, opens, replies, meetings, proposal / document opens, webinar attendance and so on.

A high score here indicates your prospect is highly engaged with your sales efforts.

The Prospect Score

The Prospect Score is a simple calculation of MES + SES and is a HubSpot calculated field. The higher the combined score the more engaged your prospect is.

Putting MES, SES and Prospect Score to work

Using MES, SES and Prospect Score can be a game changer in surfacing engaged contacts from your CRM. 

As a basic rule, we trigger MQL creation once a contact has acheived a Prospect Score of 100 or more. This can be from MES or from SES or a combination of the two.

For example if a contact scores 90 for MES and 10 for SES, their combined Prospect score would equal 100, the threshold for MQL creation will have been met and the MQL will be generated.

We also create lists to track progress of contacts;

  • Prospect Score 0-39 = Cold
  • Prospect Score 40-59 = Warm
  • Prospect Score 60-79 = Hot
  • Prospect Score 80-99 = MQL Pending
  • Prospect Score 100+ = MQL

From these lists we can see where to focus sales and marketing efforts in order to move contacts from one list to the next. So where we have a cohort of contacts in 'MQL Pending' we know they don't need much interaction/engagement in order to progress to 'MQL' - so we can reach out to this list and move the needle.


The HubSpot Score is a powerful tool that can significantly enhance a business's CRM strategy. By providing a quantifiable measure of a lead's value, it enables businesses to prioritise their efforts effectively, leading to improved efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, the integration of the score with the HubSpot CRM system allows for seamless interaction and automation, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the CRM strategy.

With its numerous benefits and features, the HubSpot Score is an invaluable asset for any business looking to optimise their CRM strategy and drive their sales and marketing efforts. By understanding the functions of the HubSpot Score and how to use it effectively, businesses can leverage its full potential and achieve their business goals.

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