Problem: We don’t seem to close many marketing qualified leads

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By repeatedly asking the question “Why” (five is a good rule of thumb), you can peel away the layers of symptoms which can lead to the root cause of a problem.

In this scenario, we have a common problem experienced by many marketing leaders and their teams; Problem: We don’t seem to close many marketing qualified leads.

To address this here is a common series of ‘Why’s’ that could apply to your business:

  • Why 1: The lead flow volume is good, but the leads won’t convert

  • Why 2:We are not satisfying their pain points

  • Why 3: We do not have the right content to satisfy the pain points of each buyer
  • Why 4: We have not researched them properly
  • Why 5: We don’t know how


If you can be really honest, you’ll come up with a logical solution to your issue.


Using the example above, you would need to perform an indepth research of the target audience and the DMU within it. Identify the primary pain points of each member of the DMU and create content that addresses each pain at each stage of the buying cycle.

See what this looks like:



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