Building a GDPR data promise.

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We're not going to harp on about the GDPR and the looming deadline for data processing, data handling, the fines or the associated ambulance chasing that is going on from so-called 'GDPR Experts'.


Instead, we are going to simply state what Project36 is doing with data; our attitude towards it, and why we think this matters (or should matter) to you.


The GDPR - Do any of us really care?

'The General Data Protection Regulation' (or 'the GDPR' for short) is intended to... blah, blah, blah... everybody is tired of what it is, isn't, or is going to be. So this blog isn't about that. (Incidentally, if you really don't know what it is, head over here so they can tell you: Visit the ICO)

If you are anything like us, then you know you should probably want to know what happens to your data when you're on a website; if you fill in forms, or browse, or click or stay or go. But in reality, you probably don't have the time, nor inclination, to think about it.

Thankfully, however, some people in Europe have done some thinking for us - and as well intended, flawed, inconvenient or ridiculous you may think of it. That thinking has been passed as law, (the GDPR) - and thus we all need to abide by it. Simple.


Complete Data Transparency

Instead, this blog is about our attitude to data at Project36. We have taken the approach to follow the GDPR not only to the letter of the law but also to follow what we believe is the spirit of the law - and that is a fundamental difference.

So yes, of course, we comply with the GDPR (why wait until May when you can comply now?) but that doesn't mean we need to be overly complicated, clandestine or secretive about how or why we collect and use data, within the (often loose) framework of the GDPR.

Which is why we've taken steps to be completely transparent about how we use all data; in particular what this website does with your data and why we need it. It’s part of what we call our ‘Data Promise’ – an evolving pledge that casts a spotlight on data, how we use it and why.


The Project36 Data Promise

Like most websites, we use data to learn more about you, the things you like to read on our website and the things you like to do on our website. It helps us build a better picture of you and helps shape the services and information we offer you. For example, if you fill in a form, we’ll then use what you tell us to profile you, again so we can give you a better response.

We’re not alone in doing so. In fact, we offer solutions, consultancy, and services to our clients through technologies like HubSpot, Campaign Monitor, WordPress, Stripe and countless other apps that form the modern marketeers technology stack. We then use these platforms to deliver inbound marketing, e-commerce, SEO and Account Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns.

It's our knowledge and command of those solutions that allow us to deliver campaigns and strategies that are both technically sound, but also comply with the GDPR - and, importantly (we think) with the spirit of the law.


The Spirit of the GDPR

We should probably explain what we mean with 'the spirit of the law' - by which we feel that doing just enough to comply is not an option for us. We want to go the whole way. Let me explain:

The GDPR states, for example, that we must gain explicit consent when a person signs up to receive marketing information on a website and to provide a snippet of information as to what they are signing up for and to use plain English in doing so.

The Guardian example below is a good example of what this looks like in practice, and it's GDPR compliant - but in our mind doesn't go far enough;

By contrast, and in accordance with the 'spirit' of the GDPR, Project36 allows you to see exactly which technologies (3rd parties as the Guardian refers to them) are in place and their specific terms of service.

Furthermore, those terms are live documents. So if they change, the change is reflected in our Privacy Policy, which is also live and available on demand: Project36 Privacy Policy


Progressive Agency. Progressive Contracts

We recently blogged about Progressive Contracts and the importance and desire of having trading conditions that are fair, friendly and open. Its one of the many things Project36 is keen to change - not only the shape of teams, or the way we go about handling Data with our Data Promise, but also the agreements within, and to that end, we’ve started looking at more progressive legal contracts which stand up to some new principles of modern work.


We're not done yet

Our Data Promise is not finished, it's an ongoing project, one that will evolve and grow over time, but you can see the beginnings below.

Hopefully, you’ll find our approach open, honest and useful.

View The beginnings of the Project36 Data Promise (Privacy Policy)


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