Project36 - A Global B2B Marketing Agency.

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Project36 is a new breed of agency - a cloud based, B2B Marketing Agency.

We exist to bridge the gap between brand and consumer and we do it with the world's best creative and strategic minds, connected.


Birmingham Marketing Agency

Headquartered in Birmingham in the UK, our agile team are in the global territories and markets you require. We are located on every continent, country, and city that you need us;

We blend strategy, design, branding, digital, web, Account Based Marketing (ABM) and content marketing to connect brands and their audiences with real-world and digital experiences.

Our unique approach delivers a global and scalable creative agency that offers our clients rapid project delivery and expert, hand-picked creative teams.


Why is a cloud-based, B2B Marketing Agency a big deal?

We are a B2B Marketing Agency, headed up by a client services team that handles every aspect of your projects with us. This gives you local knowledge and face-to-face contact with the team managing your projects.

Our core services team own every touchpoint with our clients. With a concierge mentality and total ownership of the projects we are engaged with, our core team manages every aspect of every project and our client service is exceptional.

To give scale and extension, our core team then manage our connected teams. Creatives, developers, writers, and strategists from around the world. Our extended network gives us global coverage.

So unlike traditional agencies, we don't offer the creative teams we have, instead, we offer the creative teams you need. A massive difference.


So does a cloud-based, B2B Marketing Agency offer local Account Managers, and can we meet them?

Yes, absolutely - we insist on it.

Technology enables us to work all over the world - but we like to meet you, to see your business, to feel how it operates - without that we don't think we, or any agency, can deliver what you need.

The project delivery is actually no different to that of a normal agency - except we're often faster (we can race the sun) and it will be created by some of the worlds best creatives. Your touch points are with your account managers and our client services team. They handle the detail, keep you informed and deliver exceptional creative work.

The process is all rather straightforward, normal and comfortable.


"Won't you just outsource my project to India?"

Maybe - but only if your project requires the specific talent that our creatives in India can offer. We simply do not take your project and forward it over to the cheapest available creative - that's not us. If you're looking for that head over to people per hour.

You can't simply join Project36. Our creatives are known to us - we've seen and vetted their work.  We've hand-picked them, and they are a part of our network. They have access to our systems and have been trained on our values. They like to work how we do.

Our teams work on our platforms, our software and our rules. They live and breathe our values.


Why do Brands like these choose to work with a B2B Marketing Agency like Project36?

We’ve come from agencies where the client services team sell you the dream – then the creatives and support teams you get landed with are generalists and end up dropping the ball.

At Project36 it’s not like that. We are a genuine, cloud based agency and we build the creative team to suit the exact needs of your project. Each member of our creative team is a subject matter expert – in the exact areas you need them to be.

We don’t tie our team down to a location, time or even a time zone. The work, the output, and the results are the measures of success. Happiness, balance, and pride are the value-added extras. The cherry on top.

"You might say we’re a genuinely disruptive marketing agency. We’d say we’re passionate creative professionals. The old agency model is broken. We don’t think you (or we) should suffer anymore."

- Joe Birkedale, CEO & Founder - Project36




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