Client News: XYZ Reality raises £20m in Series A Funding

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We are delighted to see that our client and Augmented Reality (AR) construction specialists, XYZ Reality, have today announced £20m in Series A Funding.


The company is pioneering an engineering-grade AR helmet that projects detailed holograms of 3D building schematics in front of your eyes, allowing construction workers to position objects to a 5mm accuracy and immediately see when something is out of alignment, even to a minute degree.


We are delighted to see the inward investment into XYZ Reality. Their product is exceptional and their team fantastic to work with.

We look forward to continuing our work in helping them evolve and grow.

- Joe Birkedale, CEO of Project36 commenting on the news of XYZ Reality securing significant Series A funding.


XYZ Reality

XYZ Reality, a UK-based startup founded in 2017, has raised £20m in Series A funding as part of its efforts to radically transform the construction sector through the use of augmented reality (AR).



Augmented reality and spatial computing just make sense, because we’re 3D creatures operating in a 3D environment.

David Mitchell, founder and chief executive of XYZ Reality


US Roadmap

The startup plans to use this latest raise to double its headcount over the next 18 months, to around 70 employees, and expand into the US.




Worth knowing

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