Project36 now holds ISO27001:2022 Certification

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In a world where digital threats are on the rise, robust data security standards are no longer optional but essential. As we recognise this reality, Project36 is pleased to share that we have attained the ISO27001:2022 certification, underscoring our commitment to employing the best security practices. This accomplishment not only fortifies our own data protection measures but also empowers our Tech and SaaS partners to bolster their own security posture.

This not only reflects our dedication to best-in-class data security practices, but also empowers our Tech and SaaS partners to fortify their own security postures.

Strengthening Your Security Posture: How Project36's ISO27001:2022 Certification Benefits You

Our certification has implications that extend beyond our organisation. For our partners, it offers a suite of tangible benefits that contribute to enhancing their security postures.

ISO27001:2022 - Project36 Limited

Risk Management

  • Enhances your vendor risk management: With ISO27001:2022, we adopt a risk-based approach that involves identifying risks and vulnerabilities and implementing appropriate controls to address them. This systematic approach ensures that you’re engaging with a vendor who understands and manages data-related risks, thereby reinforcing your own risk management strategy.

Trust and Credibility

  • Boosts your customer assurance: Our certification is an assurance of our strict adherence to global data security standards. When your customers see you’ve chosen a certified partner like Project36, their confidence in your commitment to protecting their data strengthens, which can drive customer loyalty and trust.

Legal and Contractual Compliance

  • Facilitates your compliance journey: Our certification entails a rigorous audit of our data handling practices, ensuring they comply with all necessary regulations. This, in turn, supports your own regulatory compliance, as your data handling and processing vendor operates under an audited and proven framework.
  • Eases vendor management: The certification is a globally recognised mark of excellence in information security management. When choosing Project36 as a partner, it eliminates the need for lengthy security audits and validations of our processes, saving you time and resources in your vendor management process.

Financial and Operational Efficiency

  • Reduces potential security-related costs: With our certification, we're committed to preventing data breaches that could lead to regulatory fines, reputational damage, or lost business. When you partner with us, you benefit from this commitment, which ultimately aids in cost-saving.
  • Ensures continuous improvement: ISO27001:2022 requires ongoing improvement in data security management, which means we're always adapting to new threats and vulnerabilities, and improving the efficiency of our operations. This commitment to continuous refinement of our ISMS not only ensures that our operations remain efficient but also offers you a partner that is consistently up-to-date in information security best practices.

In achieving the ISO27001:2022 certification, Project36 not only validates our security standards but also provides a framework for our partners to strengthen their own security postures.

It reflects our dedication to data security and continual improvement, offering you the assurance of a secure, committed partnership in today’s ever-evolving digital environment.

You can review our security posture in our Trust Centre.

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