Project36 Joins the Prestigious '1% for the Planet' Initiative

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At Project36, we're driven not just by the ambition to innovate and lead in our industry but also to champion our inherent responsibility towards our planet. It is with this vision that we proudly announce our recent affiliation with the '1% for the Planet' initiative.


Understanding '1% for the Planet'

For those unacquainted with this commendable global movement, '1% for the Planet' is a network of businesses, individuals, and nonprofits working collaboratively to address the pressing environmental challenges of our time. Since its inception, this alliance has channelled millions in donations to vetted environmental non-profits around the globe. Membership requires a committed annual contribution of 1% of a company's gross sales towards environmental causes.


Why It Matters to Project36

Aligning with '1% for the Planet' is a strategic decision on Project36’s part, one that amplifies our corporate commitment to sustainable practices. As an industry leader, we understand the importance of integrating environmental considerations into our operational framework. This partnership is not a mere CSR activity; it's an integral part of our forward-thinking business model.

Moreover, this endeavour underpins Project36's core values and our aspiration to be at the forefront of sustainability within our sector. We're not just investing in the future of our business, but in the collective future of our stakeholders, clients, and the generations to come.

How Will Project36 Contribute?

Our pledge as a member of '1% for the Planet' is not simply financial. While the commitment to allocate 1% of our gross sales is fundamental, we aim to take a holistic approach:

  • Collaboration: We will actively collaborate with environmental non-profits vetted by '1% for the Planet', ensuring our contributions generate maximum impact.

  • Awareness: Using our platform, we'll raise awareness about the critical environmental challenges of our era and the collective efforts needed to address them.

  • Integration: We aim to further embed sustainable practices into our business operations and value chain, aligning our growth with the health of our planet.

Moving Forward

In the present business climate, we believe companies must function with a dual objective: achieving profitability while driving meaningful, positive change. Project36’s membership with '1% for the Planet' is a testament to our dedication to this duality.

We extend our gratitude to our stakeholders and clients for their continuous support, and we're eager to embark on this transformative journey together. The road ahead is both challenging and promising, and we are poised to make a difference.

Learn more about 1% For the Planet here:  1% For the Planet

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